Musculoskeletal specialists deserve better

Product Features

Patient Intake & Engagement

Automated entry of patient information from online patient forms pre visit (i.e., at home or in the waiting room) so that patient information can seamlessly inform the patient encounter. Allow medical staff, nurses, and physicians to communicate and collaborate in real-time on a patient record during and after patient visits.

Specialty-Specific Templates 

Streamline the most common treatment plans, anticipatory guidance etc through the use of auto-populates, natural language processing, dropdowns, and artificial intelligence to learn from most common workflows.

Order entry:  Prescriptions, Labs, and Imaging

Easy integration with e-Prescription providers including Surescripts, with suggestions & prompts for orders based on what is included in your clinical care documentation.

PACS 3 integrations and Image Management

Integrations with PACS to ensure X rays, MRI scans, CT scans, etc. flow seamlessly into patients’ records within the EMR. Eliminate the need for physicians to open multiple systems to view pertinent patient information.

Fully integrated, end-to-end

Populate helps practices manage the demands of a fast-paced caseload while maintaining the highest quality of care and a strong doctor-patient relationship.